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Elder Care Service

Many undergo operations. It could be a caesarian section. or a joint replacement, open reduction, or simple case of hernia. An operation has its own impact and there is always a recovery and rehabilitation phase in which a patient may require the help of doctors and paramedical workers SURYODAYA provides all necessary home care for the patients recovering after an operation

General Physician

A number of patients require physiotherapy services. Recovering paralytic patients, the ones suffering from joint pains. lower back pain or shoulder pain or the ones suffering from post fracture stiffness require physiotherapy services. Many such patients may not be in a position to visit clinics. SURYODAYA provides physiotherapy services at the homes of the patients.

OLD AGE Home & rehabilitation centre

SURYODAYA provides a range of services to pregnant mothers. A part from helping to provide laboratory services in the antenatal period SURYODAYA can provide the service of monitoring fetal status using a Fetal monitor at the home of the pregnant mother. In case of High risk pregnancies SURYODAYA medical team can monitor the condition of both mother and the baby

Nursing Care

Patients with fractures cannot move easily and need help of all sorts. It could be for attending daily routine or for attending other health complications. SURYODAYA can provide the required medical care to such patients. Fracture recovery usually involves immobilization of the affected part. When once bones are fixed. there will be need to relax the muscles and ligaments